INJOIn late July, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at Southern Methodist University (SMU) had requested to place its annual 9/11 Never Forget Project in the same place on campus that it has hosted it for the past two years, Dallas Hall Lawn.

The project involves placing 2,977 American flags in the ground to represent each person who lost their life during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

SMU responded by stating it had just recently changed its policy to prohibit messages of any kind on this prominent part of campus because the school respects the rights of all other students to avoid messages that are “triggering, harmful, or harassing.” It also said it had to do with a lack of space, despite it being a large and open area.

An alternative, less visited part of campus was offered.

A bipartisan effort from all groups on campus opposed SMU's new policy, including Turning Point USA at SMU, College Republicans, College Democrats, Feminist Equality Movement, and Mustangs for Life.

After the backlash, SMU recently announced it has revised its policy so that all displays will be able to use Dallas Hall Lawn. According to The Daily Campus, the school's newspaper, an SMU spokesman said the original policy language did not go through the “proper vetting process.”

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Photo: albertstraub/Flickr