Hershey's First Chocolate Bar Redesign In 125 Years Looks Quite Familiar

Hershey's has been at the forefront of American chocolate for years and the big-wig has decided to change things up for its first classic milk-chocolate bar redesign in 125 years.

Earlier this week, the company announced a new emoji chocolate bar, which will be available for a limited time starting this summer in both standard and snack sizes, and feature 25 of the most popular emojis engraved in easily breakable sections. "In today’s text savvy world, many conversations start (and end) with an emoji," Hershey’s senior brand manager, Kriston Ohm, told PEOPLE. "It turned out that both generations favored the same 25 emojis. We choose to feature each one of these popular emojis and change our iconic pips for the first time in 125 years."

In their social media reveal, Hershey shared a small glimpse at the new bar alongside the caption: "You ❤️ emojis. Now you can 😋 them! They taste like really delicious chocolate. The new Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar, coming this summer 🌈👍🦄!"

Among the emojis featured on the bar include some of the smiley faces, thumbs up and even the smiling poop face. No set date has been announced for the release of the bar, but Hershey's did reveal that the bar will hit stores this summer and "in the run up to back-to-school, while supplies last."

Photo: Getty Images

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