Flat Earth Sign Spotted in New Zealand

A husband and wife walking near a beach in New Zealand were forced to  ponder the shape of our planet thanks to a clever sign from a Flat Earth  enthusiast.

Dr. Stephen Voss was somewhat taken aback when he spotted the homemade  message exhorting people to "do research" and "wake up" when it comes to  the 'true' nature of Earth's shape.

The weird call to action also included a pair of illustrations of a boat  on both a flat and curved ocean as well as a suggestion that readers  visit a specific YouTube video detailing the controversial conspiracy  theory.

Although Voss was well aware of the Flat Earth theory which has made  headlines in recent years, his wife had never heard of the concept,  making her the ideal target audience for the anonymous sign maker.

More on this weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.


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