FBI Releases Bigfoot File

The FBI raised eyebrows online today when a Twitter account devoted to highlighting significant declassified files in their vault shared an odd set of documents devoted to Bigfoot. The strange and fascinating disclosure, which stood out among the normally staid offerings from the FBI Records Vault, concerns a 1976 inquiry from legendary Sasquatch researcher Peter Byrne, who wrote to the Bureau asking about reports that they had tested purported Bigfoot hairs and concluded that they matched no known animal.

This specific claim first appeared in Bigfoot lore via a 1975 Washington State atlas published by the Army Corps of Engineers which stated that such an examination had been done and that the findings were, indeed, quite mysterious. Following up on the fantastic account, Byrne asked the Bureau to "set the record straight, once and for all" about the claim which had captured the imagination of many in the cryptozoological community. Unfortunately for the researcher, the FBI responded that they could find no references to these alleged tests on possible Sasquatch hair in their files.

Since the apocryphal examination had apparently not been done by the Bureau, Byrne then requested that the FBI perform tests on some intriguing hair samples that he had obtained. And, amazingly, they actually agreed to conduct an examination of the possible Bigfoot evidence. Find out what the newly-released file says that the Bureau found when it studied the possible Sasquatch evidence at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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