NASA Chief Scientist Says Life on Mars Could be Found Within Two Years

The chief scientist for NASA says that the discovery of life on Mars may only be a couple of years away and expressed concern over how such a find would be received here on Earth. The intriguing comments were reportedly made by Dr. Jim Green in an interview with a British newspaper over the weekend. He explained that the summer of 2021 could be a breakthrough year when it comes to our understanding of Mars as a rover from NASA as well as one from ESA are due to arrive on the Red Planet at that time.

According to Green, the two rovers will be looking for signs of life on Mars by extracting samples from around 7 feet below the surface of the Red Planet and then analyzing them for signs of organic material. Although it remains to be seen if the search will be successful, Green seemed optimistic, yet also a bit worried. "I don't think we're prepared for the results," he opined, revealing that "I've been worried about that because I think we’re close to finding it and making some announcements."

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