Bigfoot Photographed in North Carolina?

A Bigfoot research group in North Carolina has released a photograph which they say shows the famed cryptid lurking in a forest. The intriguing image was reportedly captured by the organization known as 'Bigfoot 911' this past weekend during an exploratory expedition that culminated with what they describe as a rather chilling encounter with not one, but several of the mysterious creatures. According to group founder John Bruner, he and three companions were "scouting for new locations" to search for Sasquatch around Lake James when suddenly things took a wild turn.

He explained that the group, who had been in a boat on the lake, ventured into a small cove near a patch of forest where area residents had recently reported hearing strange howls. After shutting off their engine, Bruner recalled, they "immediately heard movement on both sides of the cove" followed by a series of "wood knocks." Sensing that something sizeable may be nearby, the group scanned the shoreline with night vision cameras in an attempt to locate what was behind the odd noises. It was then, Bruner said, that "I immediately locked on to this creature," which he believes was Sasquatch, "and watched it for five minutes."

More on this remarkable story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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