New Canadian Coin Commemorates Legendary Shag Harbour UFO Incident

The legendary UFO case known as the Shag Harbour Incident is being commemorated by way of a new glow-in-the-dark coin that was released this week. Dubbed 'Canada's Roswell' by many researchers and media outlets, 1967 event saw a mysterious glowing object fall from the sky and sink to the depths of the waters off the coast of Nova Scotia's Shag Harbour. A subsequent search by Royal Navy divers was shrouded in secrecy and spawned a number of fantastic rumors suggesting that something 'out of this world' was witnessed by the submerged observers.

Thanks to a plethora of official government documents concerning the incident which have been uncovered by diligent researchers, the Shag Harbour event has been heralded by UFO investigators as one of the strongest cases for the reality of the phenomenon ever recorded. To that end, the true nature of what occurred that October night over five decades ago remains a mystery to this day and, in recent years, awareness of the case has increased exponentially thanks to a number of books, documentaries, and an annual conference as well as a museum located at Shag Harbour.

And now, in time for its 52nd anniversary this coming Friday, the incident has being honored in a manner befitting its landmark status thanks to a colorful new coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. The rectangular pure silver piece depicts three astounded witnesses standing on a dock at Shag Harbour and watching four glowing orbs in the sky. When the coin is observed under a black light, the source for the balls of light is revealed to be a massive flying saucer that is plunging into the water.

More on this very cool story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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