Government Agency in New Zealand Queried by Curious Ghost Hunters

Workers at a government agency in New Zealand have become reluctant ghost hunters thanks to a rather clever official inquiry from one of the country's paranormal groups. The weird situation reportedly arose when an organization known as 'NZ Paranormal Investigators' submitted what is akin to an FOIA request to the country's Department of Internal Affairs concerning "a matter of considerable interest" centered around their headquarters located in the city of Wellington.

The remarkably detailed request calls for "all information that you hold about potential paranormal/supernatural/haunting related occurrences in this building." The group asserts that this "includes anything that your staff have perceived or suspected may be of this nature," regardless of whether or not the department believes the events to be paranormal. The group goes on to ask for "full information regarding any reports of unusual environmental observations."

As if that is not enough, NZ Paranormal Investigators also want the department to provide "hard data" on the buildings air conditioning system, "any electromagnetic sensory equipment you may have," and "environmental monitoring mechanisms." The group declared in the request that the information "needs to be broken down into absolute detail." And, finally, the ghost hunters asked the agency to reveal "any measures that you have taken" to study or prevent paranormal activity in their headquarters.

More on this weird story, including how the government of New Zealand responded to the request, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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